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National News

The Journey

Thinking locally and acting federally.

 by Gord Perks

(NDP Federal Candidate in Davenport)

  A Healthy Environment:

I have spent 20 years as an environmental activist. I decided to run for the NDP because they are the only party that understands that investing in the environment is good for our economy. The NDP's Kyoto plan creates 800,000 person years of work. New green jobs in building retrofits, in public transit and in renewable energy will help build a 21-century economy. "We can create jobs, protect workers and communities and create sustainable economy for the next generation" If Denmark can create 21,000 jobs in their windmill industry, why can't Canada build a green economy?

   Reinvesting in health/education

For 12 years the Liberal Government has made it harder for young families in Toronto. When Paul Martin was Minister of Finance he eliminated federal funding for affordable housing. He also cut funding for post secondary education and social assistance. By taking away hope and opportunity from young people Paul Martin's Liberals have put big holes in the City's social fabric. This is the real cause of violence and despair. We need to give every young family their hope back with affordable housing and affordable education. This spring the NDP turned a proposed Liberal tax cut for corporations into $1.6 Billion for housing. Jack Layton has committed to another $4 Billion for education.

 Restoring Canada's reputation

I believe that Canada needs to live up to its international commitments in order to gain respect on the world stage. Canada committed to reducing its climate change emissions under the Kyoto protocol, but since the Liberals took power 12 years ago, our emissions have gone up by more than 20%. Why? The Liberal Government spends over $1.5 Billion every year subsidizing oil companies. The Liberal Government has refused to develop any regulations to cut pollution from the big companies that are responsible for half of our emissions. The Liberal Government has also refused to regulate car companies into making their vehicles more fuel –efficient – something that many American states already do. As a member of Parliament I will push to replace subsidies for polluters with tough regulations.

 Building a strong neighbourhood in Davenport

I believe in building strong neighborhoods. Davenport has all the raw material needed to be one of the most vibrant communities in Canada. People come from all over the world to live here. Community builders have made our parks the most vibrant public spaces in the city. We have lively main streets, including Queen, Dundas, College, Bloor and St. Clair. What's been missing is leadership to stitch these threads together. Our current MP hasn't done it. I have been a community organizer for 20 years and can't wait for a chance to be your community builder.

2095 Weston Road, Suite 204, Toronto, Ont M9N 1X7.