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The Journey




by: John Nelson

People in general try to make changes and try to do something about the plight of poverty.   Since we hope for real progress on a world-wide scale to eradicate poverty we have to come up and put forth the plan, for instance, Improved education, Canceling debts of any form, Social insurance programs, removing business barriers, increase minimum wage and low cost housing for the poor families. The United Nations General Assembly set goal to be achieved in between 2000 to 2015 and these included the elimination of extreme poverty, hunger and gross inequality of income within countries, which many people doubt that it can be achieved in this disunited world.

Some countries are poorer than thirty years ago and continue their efforts to make improvement where millions live as squatters, on the streets, setting up shacks where ever they can with perhaps only a piece of cardboard or plastic between them and the ground in which They struggle to have enough food to eat or to have a roof over their head.  The United Nations Human Development report 2002 stated that the richest 5% fife percent of the world’s people have incomes 114 times those of the poorest 5%, yet the contrast has become even starker.  In believing that no society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable, regardless of a proper view of budget, having sustenance and covering, and to live within their means.  In fact, one should give first priority for his/her needs but not what he/she wants and that will determine if the remaining funds can cover additional items and in this way you may have something to eat not only today but also tomorrow.  The true picture is discouraging, as the most affluent fifth of the population received half of all household income last year where the poorest fifth received 3.5 per cent.  The World Bank report showed that about 57% of the world’s population lives on less than $ 2.00 per a day. Currently, the well-meaning government officials and helping organizations of Canada have certainly put forth proposals for change after unveiling the geographical report on poverty, which reveals the growth of poor neighborhoods in the country.   Often people do riots, demonstrations and strikes fellow if employment market is threatened that rely on the local economy situation, on the other hand, there are people who have jobs but face a lot of pressure at work or not secure and the work itself is taking all the time and energy of the individual with no means to become financially independent as well.  Every person will like to be productive and a contributing member of the society and to have purpose in life.  To avoid not only the serious social problems but work is very important for many reasons like providing us with income, mental and emotional support, and regardless of human desire satisfaction it engenders within us a measure of self-respect and dignity. 

A growing fear that people have in our rapidly changing economic and work environment may be caused by the modern technology, which is supposed to make the life easier except the market competition that an increasing number of companies have trimmed their staff in order to cut the costs and thus may place additional demands on the remaining employees who may have to carry an extra load.


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   The Federal Election Drama Episodes
                                   Canada Votes


The Federal Election Drama Episodes

               Canada Votes
S. PAUL/ Reporter

Local & National Issues


It is not a strange thing to meet with the old Canadians during the election time only, which the set election date is January 23rd, 2006, and my depiction may or could reveal a picturesque critique movement of the day regarding the Federal election campaign promises and all of the candidate’s agenda.  To start with the struggle of the Federal Liberal Party leader and current Prime Minister PAUL MARTIN who wants at the age of sixty seven (67) to keep his job to govern Canada with over a decade sponsorship scandal that came out from the closet after he replaced the former Prime Minister of Canada and the Liberal Party Leader Mr. JEAN CHRETIEN who created a mess and the public lost of the Government accountability.

In fact, the liberals are big tent, corrupt and pandering, and no one is really happy with the government, despite the fact that during the television debate Martin appeared at his best when he spoke from his heart, and had trouble defending the party’s record going back to 1993 on health care, immigrant settlement, crime, US-Canada relationship and foreign Aid levels.  As rivals pile on criticisms and accusation of government corruption which one of the opposition leaders stated that in any event a government leader commit or cause corruption he/she should be punished.  However, to justify the mistakes made by the former government leaders in the dirty game of politics and the appointed Justice Geometry’s public inquiry still continues.  Mr. Martin stressed that he will protect the Charter of Rights about same sex marriage, will fight for the unity to keep Quebec in Canada, will improve health care services and pledges to give back and invest billions of the surplus Dollars to the Provinces and cities, support for parents with children, immigrants needing Canadian job experience, city dwellers coping with gun violence and among other issues like to stay on power for ever.


Possitive Vision For CANADA


The Conservatives are fringe-party frightening without having any hard and fast policies people can point to. The Conservative Party Leader Mr. STEPHEN HARPER hopefully will elaborate on what the vision might be than GST Cut to 5%, but it is obvious that integrity and anti-corruption will be a key election card for him.  According to the background or history of the new conservative party, which is too far right wing was formed from the Reform Party after merged with the former Conservative Party, and regardless of Mr. Harper’s patriotism to stand up for Canada like any other Canadian, it seems the need for change is imminent with Harper’s hidden agenda of health care privatization.  Harper have made personal attack comments and suggested that all provincial leaders hate Paul Martin including territorial leaders, yet in the campaign phases initiated that only a new government can turn the page and address the real priorities of managing on an issue by issue what ever that means. 


The Federal Election/2006/ our media  Coverage:

QUEBEC Will Be a State Next Century


Through the election campaign, the Quebec sovereignty and separation matter was addressed by Bloc Quebecois Party Leader Mr. GILLES DUCEPPE a separatist who is more concerned about to make Quebec an independent State than any other issue and spent most of the television debate accusing the Liberal government that they absconded with public funds to buy Quebec and did broke the laws.  Duceppe show the sense of isolation and French Canadians as a captive Nation struggling to achieve their goal.   Furthermore, for many people the election is frustrating and there seems to be no real choice, as well as to see more referendums on important issues with more involvement in the political process by the ordinary people is one of the basic principles of democratic system.   Mr. Gilles Duceppe has declared to govern not Canada but Quebec.




The New Democratic Party (NDP), which was propping up the Liberals, is unready to govern too.  Mr. JACK LAYTON leader of the Federal NDP is seeking to have more MP’s at the House of Commons in the near future.   Mr. Layton made very clear several issues such as increased poverty and crime in the society, the need of education and training for young people, stopping health care privatization, clean up the Liberal corruption scandal, and suggested to support the idea of investing in our cities and communities as needed more than ever.   He also accused the Liberals of false advertising by attracting well-qualified newcomers to Canada and then not letting their skills be put to use.   After all, it is your choice to give your VOTE to any one.

Russell Korus (Ajax-Pickering)

Gord Perks (Davenport)

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