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Home Healthcare Sevices

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When it comes to the ones who are most precious in your lives we can assure that your concerns will be managed with the professionalism, compassion, care, and reliability to give the satisfaction and peace of mind we know is of great importance to you. We have recognized not only in hospitals, but the need to in-home care to treat the residents of retirement and nursing facilities as well as private residential homes.


Body and Mind
We want you to be as happy, healthy and productive as possible. Let us take the strain whilst you relax and re-energize.
Whether you are interested in holistic alternative therapies or regular mainstream medicine, we can be of assistance. We can offer you a range of practitioners to stretch your mind and body. Why not try pilates or yoga as an alternative way to relax and keep fit? Our aroma therapists can help soothe the mind whilst our salsa teachers help shake your body! Or try using a life coach to help you specify what it is you do want, set targets, devise and implement effective strategies to get the most out of life. We are here to make sure that you don't find yourself doing origami when you wanted an ashtanga class...
We can also provide you with the top 'maintenance' hot spots such as hairdressers, day spas, beauty salons and personal style consultants so that you can keep yourself looking great 24/7.
Please check our services and If you require a service we have not mentioned we would be happy to provide it.  We relish challenges and love the unusual.
We provide free consultation in order to offer the highest level of service and to reduce redundancy or inaccuracies in service and many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price..  We can customize service for each client to ensure simple implementation and ease of use. 


If your insurance provider is not listed on this page, payment is due at the time the services are rendered, and you will be responsible for filing with your insurance company.