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The Journey


CANADA Citizenship and Immigration:

by: S.Jason

This is one of the common dilemmas that most of the unprepared immigrants encounter in Canada such as Language, employment and culture barriers. The exodus of refugees from many countries whom fled from their homes due to civil war and flooded to major Metropolitan cities like Toronto, and the frustration caused by the Ministry of Canada Immigration Officers with the process and policies of the System as well as out of hopelessness (Waiting Status from the Sky) contributed the mental sickness, mainly depression because of the heavy pressure of fighting for so many fronts and the set back after set back to the individual's urgent needs for travel papers to solve his/her personal or family re-unification problems.  Although, many policies have been changed but, the process is too slow creating backlogs. 

Toronto Mental Patients on Rise

James Baldwin/Staff Reporter

The mental illness cases are not uncommon to the Society regardless of gender and socio-economic background, but there is a general code of silence within the community about this affliction that leads individuals to either ignore or deny their situation, and the psychiatry illnesses may lead to the level or degree that the patient could commit murder or suicide by hanging, jumping off the bridges or high-rise buildings in which had occurred.  At any rate, the whole subject of mental health in Canada requires a research by looking into the problems that led to worthlessness.

This particular field of mental health institutions for the assessment and solution to the crises must and should address the fact that placing a sick person who need medical attention in a custody for no apparent reason or incarcerating mental patience by bogus cases, which is unnecessary and waste of tax payers’ money.  So many people mentioned that they have serious psychological problems and before mental patients rise in Toronto city it was suggested that the best option would be or is to build more mental health care centers than jails.

Xenophobia as a Social Disease 

J. Arthur/ Editor

The word xenophobia means fear, animosity and feeling of unfriendliness towards strangers in one's country.  People who possess such social disease are known as xenophobes.  The chief motive of xenophobia is not natural, but rather environmental.  It is a lack of sufficient public education. The Society in which people are xenophobes is marked by cultural lingering behind and relative isolation from rest of the world in all aspects of life and such a people in a closed society have neither chance to conduct social, political and economic changes in their country, nor ability to join today's competitive world. 

The xenophobes distinguish themselves with cultural aloofness and intolerance to their minority groups as well as to any one of a different cultural back ground.  They always tend to miss the chance for understandable development and timely progress for their people and country. It is because they go astray from the fact that tolerance to minorities, foreigners and foreign cultures are the source of progress and promising future.  In fact, people of different nationalities, mentalities and capacity of work are more likely to bring about quick changes in the social and economic life of their adopted country.

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