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The Journey


The Journey (Life is a Journey)

 H. KAYAD /Writer

We are all travelers in time. Time is always pushing us forward (time is life, time is money and the life is too short). We will never have the choice to stop the tickling of the clock. But what that JOURNEY makes of us is a matter of choice. Our success as voyagers on whether or not the choices we are making are based upon sound belief, those that are truly rooted in reality and it is important to remember always that our choices affect not only ourselves, but also every one around. We cannot change yesterday's choice, and it is impossible to predict exactly what tomorrow's choices will be. We have only the present-the choices in front of us right now, demanding our attention. Today is the only time we really control, the only time when decision can be made. Today is where we interpret our past and make our future endeavour, which is a different story. Furthermore, we adopt certain beliefs in our lives-perceptions in which we believe to be true that will help satisfy our needs and wants. Finally, your policy of the life could be the beginning and/or the end of your destiny.

This JOURNEY Media Program is a medium of Communication and Informations that can be exchanged and will create an ongoing dialogue of understanding and respect for diversity of opinions and ideas beyond geographic boundaries. Our objectives and policy are to build communication links inbetween the communities, to implement and to inform the public about our programs, current issues facing the community with in-depth local and world news coverage...etc. In addition, this program is combined Newspaper, Radio, Television and Website that will give you full of facts, good investigative journanlism, genuinely fresh takes on popular culture, the arts and the freedom of publishing all kinds of stories.

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We are going to strive towards a path of rationality, fairness and accurate reporting from different sources.  However, the views expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher, editor, audiance and viewers or readership of the Journey media program, which reserves the right to edit and/or refuse publication/issue of submitted articles and letters.

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