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The Journey


Real Estate Investing - Just Get in the Game

by: Dr George
Have you done your first Real Estate Investing deal yet?

If yes, have you done any creative type deal like I have been discussing throughout the course?

A lot of people are accidental landlords.  They had to move or decided to buy a nicer home and could not sell the old home or just decided to keep it as a rental.  I have known people that bought another house each year and moved into it and rented out the old house and after 6 years had 5 rentals plus their own home.  While this can be a great long term wealth building strategy if you start young(and have no family) and have 15 year mortgages it would mean retirement for most people in a short time.  But how many people could stand to keep moving every year?  These people also tend to be the people that the best deals can be bought from.  They usually get burnt out and sell cheap.  If you ask them they will tell you they are real estate investors(which they are), but maybe not in the same sense of where you want to be.

If NO, you have not done a Real Estate Investing deal yet, then WHY NOT?

We have been discussing creative real estate for 6 weeks now, have you taken action on any of the assignments I have laid out?  What is holding you back.  I am sure you have heard of analysis paralysis where you evaluate and evaluate deals but never take action.  I can assure you one thing, you will never make a dime in real estate or any other endeavor if you do not TAKE ACTION.  No person makes money in starting a business(online or offline), doing sales, or any other endeavor until they TAKE ACTION.  Have you ever heard the expression that just taking the first step gets you half way there?  Its true.  I urge you, I plead with you, get out and talk to sellers, put together a deal, as good as you can find, ask another investor their opinion of the deal(they are not going to steal it).  All successful real estate investors I know realize they are truly blessed and that they owe a debt to all new real estate investors to help them along the way the same way someone helped them.  At worst offer other investors the lead in exchange for a bird dog fee when they buy it.
I assure you that once you get in the game you will gain confidence and deals will just start appearing(they were already there, but you could not see them) out of thin air.  There are motivated sellers everywhere, you just need to learn where they are hiding, they want you to find them, you have a duty to your family and to the motivated seller to find them and to help them and secure your financial future in the process.

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Corporate Credit Concepts
by: Jasmine .A
As Corporate Credit Concepts has built business credit for thousands of clients across the United States, we have found that there is one thing in common with most of these clients. Almost always, without fail, these clients mention that they want to set up business credit to not only obtain business capital, but more importantly, to separate their business credit from their personal credit!

I am reasonably confident that you may also have the same reasons for wanting to establish business credit. Am I right?

While the main purpose of building business credit is to obtain business capital and separate your personal credit from your business credit, there seems to be some confusion in the idea that just because you have established business credit, you have automatically separated it from your personal credit.

That is only part of the separation process. The other part, which people do not realize, is that you MUST keep and maintain your corporate records in order to keep them separated!

We realize that maintaining corporate paperwork is a time consuming, frustrating, and unpleasant task. It is probably the last thing on your to-do list. But, it cannot be ignored. As outlined by law, failure to comply with corporate record keeping guidelines can result in personal liability for the company's shareholders.

Without this important step, your business, home, personal investments, and everything you have protected by incorporating could be wiped out overnight if you do not keep your corporate paperwork in order.

* You are legally required by the state to maintain a corporate formality at all times, compliance is not an option.
* 60% of all closely held corporations would fail to protect their owners in a lawsuit or audit due to inadequate corporate records and formalities.
* Corporate paperwork is the first thing that comes under legal scrutiny or an IRS audit.
* Paperwork is the only proof that you and your corporate structure are separate entities. Your personal and business assets are at risk if the proper documents are not in place.
* Paperwork is a lot of work. Are you sure you know what documents you need, how and when to properly fill them out, and what is at stake if you fall even a little behind?

We have teamed up with "Manage My Minutes" to help you better protect yourself and your business. Manage My Minutes is a powerful, new web-based application that gives you the ability to create, organize, and maintain your corporate minute book in just a few minutes each month.

Whether you decide to use Manage My Minutes or not, make sure that you are maintaining your corporate records. This is vital to your business so that creditors can not "Pierce the Corporate Veil." Many of the banks will require that you have them in place before applying for a business line of credit, so be prepared. 

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