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The Journey




 (On Street Light Poles).

What’s not being Said!

Oppression & slavery


African people were brought to the Continent as slaves, and gained freedom to stay in Canada by fighting in the wars of Independence of 1776 and the war of 1812.  (Black Loyalists) At the end of slavery, they never received the tools and support to recover---“ 40 acres and a mule” –Reparation.

Recent Black Immigrants

Instead of slavery, Capitalism created “slave wages” reserved for new arrivals.  Unemployment, low-income housing, and racism have forced Blacks into a spiral of “learned helplessness”, a lifestyle of poverty and desperation—antecedent conditions for crime.  The wave of male dominated “ Black-on-Black” crime results from systemic, preconditions in society—generational poverty, racism in employment, and the matriarchal family system.  (et al)

There is no other… solution

Black people in general, and young Blacks in particular require long-term career opportunities.  Create “Job Corps”, on-the-job paid job training for at risk individuals.  You have to give a support only to any one who enact the Employment Equity Legislation.  Another basketball court, hip-hop event, or how to write resume seminar is not an option.

…May be coming to your Community

Blacks need to realize the root of their oppression is political and must be changed.  Blacks also need to politicize their anger and frustration into community involvement and political movements.  Blacks are a “captive” Nation of people within another “captive” Nation of people (aboriginals) and they need to be free of European values and culture to prosper and survive.


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