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The Journey


Mario Silva   Working hard for Davenport.... working hard for Toronto  

 Mario Silva (Liberal Party)

Ten Reasons to Re-Elect                                        



Mario and the Liberal Government has defended health care and delivered on its commitments to improve health care services for all Canadians. Soon after the last election we entered into negotiations with all the provinces which resulted in a ten year$41.3 billion agreement to make Canada’s health care system better for all Canadians. Over $16 billion for Ontario alone. This will mean reduced waiting times for treatment, action to increase the number of doctors and nurses and better home care services.

2. "No" To Missile Defense

Mario stood up and said “no” to the missile defense plan and the Liberal Government announced that Canada would not be participating in this program.
 3. Seniors and Families
Mario and the Liberal Government has delivered for seniors including $2.7 billion for improved Guaranteed Income Supplement payments which will mean $400 more for single seniors and $700 more for couples. Also, the amount at which Canadians can earn without having to pay income taxes has been raised to $10,00, which will mean over 200,000 seniors not having to pay federal income tax. Also announced was increased funding for the New Horizons Program which helps senior’s organizations provide programming. St. Christopher House and the Working Women Community Centre received funds under this program. The Liberal Government also committed $5 billion for Early Learning and Childcare and signed an agreement with Ontario which will mean more child-care spaces for families. We have now committed an additional $2.2 billion to improve student financial assistance and $500 million to extend Canada Access Grants to low-income students extending the current $3,000 available to first year students to up to four years of undergraduate study. We are also putting forward another reduction in personal income tax for this taxation year 2005. Also a Working Income Tax Benefit to help low-income Canadians.
4. Cities Aganda
Mario has worked at Toronto City Hall and now in Ottawa to deliver for Toronto and for our province. Over the next five years Ontario will receive more than $1.9 billion as a result of the Liberal Government’s decision to transfer part of the federal gas tax. By the fifth year there will be stable funding of $162.9 million annually for things like roads, the T.T.C. and sustainable infrastructure. Recently, the first payment on the federal gas tax for cities was delivered to Mayor Miller in the amount of $24.4 million.
5. Environment
Mario introduced a bill in the House of Commons to encourage the use of alternative fuels vehicles by offering tax incentives and rebates and also requiring 10% of the federal government vehicle fleet to be running on alternative fuels by 2009. There is a commitment to protect our environment with $5 billion to address climate change and preserve Canada’s natural environment.

6. Arts and Culture

The Liberal Government committed millions of dollars to the arts including support for the construction of cultural facilities including $25 million to build a new opera house for Toronto. Toronto has also been named a “Cultural Capital of Canada.  ”The Liberal Government’s support for the arts is also why we see renovations underway at the Royal Ontario Museum and the Art Gallery of Ontario to name but a few examples. 
7. Citizenship and Pride in CANADA

In the community Mario held citizenship drives to help residents enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of Canadian Citizenship, worked to secure funding for community agencies and served thousands of constituents through his Toronto Community Office. The Liberal Government has committed an additional $1.3 billion over five years to improve settlement services for newcomers.

Mario joined with his colleagues in the Liberal Government in announcing initiatives to build affordable housing (over $600 million) and to put in place measures to allow seniors to remain close to family, friends and their communities. This will mean more affordable housing units for those on fixed incomes.
 9. Undocumented workers

Workede to develope and implement solutions to the issue of undocumented workers including chairing a Caucus Committee that made recommendations to help bring permanent status to these workers.

10. Fiscal Responsibility

Mario and the Liberal Government delivered its 8th consecutive balanced budget at the same time as we delivered on the social responsibilities that have created and expanded numerous programs to improve the lives of Canadians.


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