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Welcome to our web site!

Our goal is to educate the public how to reuse, recycle and how to reduce the destruction of the environment, which is also our strong core beliefs toward environmental protection and atmosphere for climate change in controlling pollution and hazardous chemicals that endanger all living species including humans.  We encourage you to support this important cause. Together we can all make a difference.

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Teacher w/pre-school students


1.RECYCLE: Slim down your waste. When packing a snack by using reusable containers rather than packaging and plastic wrap that become leftovers in the landfills. choosing products with reduced packaging can also shed pounds from your waste.

2.PACKAGING: Concentrated laundry products often use less plastic in the packaging. Example, Ultra Dawney fabric softner uses 35 per cent less plastic per bottle than non concentrated Downy. In the bathroom, Charmin mega rolls have more tissue per roll, reducing the number of cardboard cores disposed.

3.HOT SHOWERS: Healthy water is one of your community's and your home's biggest energy costs. Shorter showers and low-flow shower heads can reduce its use. So can washing laundry in cold water. Washing with tide cold water gives you great cleaning, and using cold water helps to save energy.

Contact Information:
If you are interested in helping with an event or donating money to the cause, we would love to hear from you.

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How To Help:
There are several ways to get involved with this event.  
 you can:

* Help plan an event 
* Make a donation

* Assist with phone calls

* Speak at an event
* Ditribiute literature

Controlling Polution is a major environment issue..

Every day, earth becomes more and more polluted. Air pollution fills our lungs with deadly substances. Water pollution is rapidly eradicating what little freshwater we have left. Land pollution is causing once-fertile lands to become little more than deserts. While many solutions have been offered, NONE are successful. But there is hope! A REAL solution exists—overlooked by environmentalists, government agencies and scientists!

Click here to Green Peace Canada and the issues

With the help of forty volunteers, we were able to raise nearly $10,000. Thank you to everyone who contributed their time and efforts to make this fundraiser a huge success. 
To make a donation:

Below are several hazardous smokestakes.