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Homeless Support Initiative

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Homeless Support Initiative
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Welcome to our web site!


Many Homeless and poor people live in our own Canadian communities, and it is not a fun or a way of life that people huddle at street corners when they do not have a Home to sleep or a place to go to, and struggle to have bread and roof over their head.  We would like to help make a difference to those in need by making a small donation on your behalf. You can donate $10 to the organization.  Please help make the community a more giving community. We need you to respond of the worthy causes for this year.
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Thank you for being part of the community.


H. Kayad

Executive Director


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Below is the list of Shelters and Hostels:

Hostel Services
    - Central Intake
(416) 397-5637
Street Helpline (416) 392-3777
Anduhyaun Residence (416) 920-1492
Covenant House
    (Shelter for Youth)
(416) 598-4898
Emily Stowe Shelter for
    Women - Scarborough
(416) 264-4357
Ernestine's Women's
    Shelter - Rexdale
(416) 746-3701
Fred Victor Centre -
     Women's Hostel
(416) 368-2642
Horizons For Youth
    (Emergency Shelter)
(416) 781-9898
Interim Place
    - Mississauga
(905) 271-1860
Interval House (416) 924-1491
Juliette's Place -
(416) 724-1316
Nellie's (416) 461-1084
North York Women's Shelter (416) 635-9630
Oshawa YWCA
    Women's Residence
(905) 576-8880
Redwood Women's Shelter (416) 533-8538
Salvation Army
    Evangeline Shelter
(416) 762-9636
Society of St.Vincent
    De Paul - Mary's Home
(416) 595-1578
Woodgreen Red Door
    Family Shelter
(416) 469-3457
Women's Habitat
    of Etobicoke
(416) 252-5829
Yellow Brick House
    - Aurora
(905) 727-1944
Yorktown Shelter
    for Women
(416) 394-2999
YWCA Women's Shelter (416) 693-7342
YWCA Stop 86
    (Young Women)
(416) 922-3271
YWCA Woodlawn Women's
    Emergency Shelter
(416) 923-8454

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