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Arts and Culture

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Welcome to our web site!

We at Advance Network-Community Advancement For Better Life (C.A.F.B.L.) will promote arts of our talented members, and we will continue the tradition or the heritage programs that will enhance and maintain the culture for the future generations.


This painting is Pharaoh Headrest (below)


Picture of the Original HUT and its nature  


`The hut was made using mostly traditional materials - common thatch grass Hyparrhania hirta, black wattle Acacia mearnsii (saplings for the hut walls) Natal fig Ficus natalensis bark for tying material, and rock alder Canthium mundanium for the central pole support.

Drawings of the Original HUT design.


Construction plans

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Partial Design of the HUT


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Whether the event is a theater performance, gallery opening and movie screening etc...  It will be posted here for you to obtain and convey essential information.  If the event is a play, we will include information as a plot synopsis and cast list or if the event is a gallery opening, we will list the artists involved and mention other exhibitions in which they've participated.

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Here is the box office hours, telephone number, and types of payment accepted.
Check our event and quotes from media reviews and other sources.

"This production of Streetcar includes a performance of Stanley that invites comparison with Brando!"

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This Image is the  new culture centre design which is in progress.

This Picture is one of the HUT Designs

Detail of unique architectural structure

Art nouveau architecture

Detail of modern building