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Welcome to our web site!


This JOURNEY Media Program is a medium of Communication and Information that can be exchanged and will create an ongoing dialogue of understanding and respect for diversity of opinions and ideas beyond geographic boundaries.

Our major objectives and policy are to advance and build communication links inbetween the communities, to implement and to inform the public about our programs, current issues facing the community and in-depth local and world news coverage...etc.

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        The Media Program:

Our Program of Communication and

information namely The JOUYRNEY 

combines Newspaper, Web site, Radio and

Television which is aimed to advance

the methods of providing information,

 building communication links in

between the communities and

enhancing service programs that we

provide and deliver. 

     The Weather Network


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     The Voice
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We are going to strive towards a path of rationality, fairness and accurate reporting from different sources.  However, the views expressed by the contributors do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publisher, editor, audiance and viewers or readership of the Journey media program, which reserves the right to edit and/or refuse publication/issue of submitted articles and letters. 

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Table of Contents:
Interview with Chris Johnson, pet-lover and entrepreneur

"Animal Rights Activism in the 21st Century," an editorial by Marg Williams

"On the Structure of the Modern Nonprofit Agency," an essay by Mark Smith

Organization News:
Our organization welcomes Palmer Berry to the staff.

A new session of the animal awareness training class begins April 22nd.

An interview with Chris Johnson, pet-lover and entrepreneur

Question: Can you tell us how you first became interested in animal activism?
CJ: When my company started to do really well, I decided I'd like to give something back to the community. I'd always had a passion for animals and had been involved in animal rights movements in college, so it was my first thought to return to animal right issues once I'd "made it," so to speak.

Edition 1/Publication/ Janaury 2006
             The Journey
  Your Community Newspapper

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