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Welcome to Our Web site!


Our Society has identified a broad agenda of social issues and we advocate in numerous arenas in which we have to improve for bettering lives.  Our Organisation's goals in this activity are to implement our service programs objectives or to carry out our mission and produce the desired changes.

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1. Advocacy

2. Employment Counseling

3. Computer literacy & Internet Training

4. Translation & Interpreters

5. Support for Disable and seniors

6. Legal Matters

7. Communication & Informations

9. Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

10. Breaking the Cycle of Violence

11. Healthcare & Mental Health Assessment

12. Settlement Services

13. Recreation & Sport

14. Arts & Culture

15. Economic Development & Commercial Researches

16. Community Festivals

17. AIDS Prevention

18. Drug Abuse Prevention

19. Homeless Support Initiative

20. Communities Partnership

21. Atmospheric & Environmental Support

Below is most of the links with regard of the social issues advocacy at all levels local, national and international .


Social Issues


This page includes national and selected provincial/territorial NGOs except for Ontario and British Columbia (those are on separate pages)
For international NGOs, see the International NGO Links  - Human Rights Links - U.S. NGO Links pages
See also
Food Banks and Hunger


New from Campaign 2000:

First Ministers told to take action to lower shameful poverty rates



Conflict Resolution Network

Related Link:

Ontario-Wide Community Social Audit
"An exciting new project to assess social conditions in Ontario"

Source : Interfaith Social Assistance Reform (ISARC)
"ISARC brings together diverse faith communities - mainly Christian, but also Jewish, Unitarian, Muslim and Buddhist - to advocate for fairness and justice for marginalized peoples

Democracy Watch
Democracy Watch is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan Canadian citizen advocacy organization that opened its doors in October 1993. Democracy Watch works with Canadian citizens and organizations in pushing Canadian governments and businesses to empower Canadians in their roles as voters,citizens, taxpayers, consumers and shareholders. Our aim is to help reform Canadian government and business institutions to bring them into line with the realities of a modern, working democracy.
20 Steps towards a Modern, Working Democracy
Democracy Watch's campaign mandate, 20 Steps towards a Modern, Working Democracy, sets out changes that all governments in Canada should enact (according to their respective powers) to ensure that Canadian citizens have a greater and more meaningful role in government and business decision-making in Canada.

Directory of Development Organizations 2003

Edmonton Social Planning Council (ESPC) - See links to some ESPC reports on the Alberta page of this site

Electronic Commons: A public network -- [version française]
This national not for profit online web space is dedicated to the exchange of information, opinions and resources by and for all Canadians.

Family Connections

Habitat for Humanity Canada
Habitat for Humanity International

Halifax Initiative
Related Links : See the Canadian Social Research Links Globalization page

Inter-Church Coalition on Africa
Inter-Church Committee for Human Rights in Latin America

In Common - "Global action against poverty"
Led by the Canadian Council for International Cooperation (CCIC), 100+
Canadian organizations have joined in common -- a campaign to make action against poverty a public and political priority.

Internet Nonprofit Center - Information For and About Nonprofit Organizations (U.S)


National Anti-Poverty Organization (NAPO)
VOICES: Women, Poverty and Homelessness in Canada (PDF file - 492K, 48 pages)
May 2004
National Citizens' Coalition

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence

National Council of Welfare (for more about the NCW, see the Canadian Social Research Links Social Research Organizations (I) in Canada page)

North-South Institute

Oxfam Canada

Radically Canadian

Research Forum on Children, Families and the New Federalism
- includes the Canadian Self-Sufficiency Project page (a welfare research and demonstration project in New Brunswick and British Columbia) -
more info about SSP


Rights & Democracy - The International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development 
Royal Canadian Legion 

Social Justice Committee of Montreal
World Interaction Mondiale

The Social Policy Shop  (Havi Echenberg - Ottawa) 
Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI)
Related Links (U.S./ International):

Individual Development Accounts - from the Welfare Information Network (links to 100+ online resources!)
Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) - from TrickleUp (U.S. and International seed capital and business training for microenterprise)
IDAnetwork - "Exchanging Ideas about Individual Development Accounts"
Individual Development Accounts - from the
Corporation for Enterprise Development
Individual Development Accounts - from the Administration for Children and Families (U.S. Government)
Individual Development Accounts - from
Work, Welfare and Savings : Modernisation of Tax and Benefits (U.K.) - from H.M. Treasury
[see esp. files #7-8-9 - also includes info about the U.K.'s child and working credits]

Tamarack - Gender analysis in community-based poverty reduction
Childcare Resource and Research Unit (CRRU)

Related Links:

Gender and Poverty Project [ funded by Status of Women Canada ]
Vibrant Communities
 the Canadian Non-Governmental Sites about Women's Social Issues page:

the anarchy organization (tao) 
- tao vancouver
- tao edmonton
- tao toronto
- tao montreal
- tao olympia
Check out tao's online interactive calendar - demonstrations, meetings, events. Very active. Click on the date of any event for more information - and be sure to check previous and coming months.
This is Our Place - Resources for Low-Income People by Province
Tristat Resources (Richard Shillington) - "Data analysis is an aid to thinking not a replacement for"
Maternity Benefits 
links to an op-ed piece and a longer paper on who gets maternity benefits
Source :
Tristat Resources
(Richard Shillington)

Things Which Could Be Changed - list of 14 flaws, problems and screw-ups in the design of support programs that governments could fix.

The GIS Story - "How 300,000 seniors got half a billion dollars"

Two Casualities of the Child Tax Benefit: Truth and the Poor (PDF file -, 60K, 6 pages)
This article was published in Policy Options by the Institute for Research in Public Policy (IRPP), in November 2000

Analyse This - Richard's column for Straight Goods (Canada's alternative media link)
Here are some sample articles that you'll find here (over 20 articles in all):
- Newspeak on poverty
- Why I reject our voting system and rejected my ballot
- Canada's "Brain Drain" a trickle not a flood
- What happened to representing the middle class?
- Flat tax no help to average taxpayer
- Brilliant spinning places welfare recipients in cottages
- A poor measure of poverty

Vanier Institute of the Family (VIF)
Established in 1965, the Vanier Institute of the Family is a national charitable organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of Canadian families. It is governed by a volunteer board with regional representation from across Canada. The programs of the Institute generally fall into four categories: Research - Public education - Consultation - Advocacy

More links to content from the VIF website: (on the Canadian Children's Non-Governmental Organizations page)

The Virtual Activist  A training course presented by WomensWork

Voices for Children

Volunteer Canada

social Planning Council of Winnipeg

Check out the latest SPC releases

The Reference page offers links to recent SPC reports, including: 
Manitoba 2000 Budget Response Campaign 2000/Social Planning Council (May 2000)
The Manitoba 1999 Child Poverty Report Card: An Agenda for Action
  November 24, 1999 - PDF file (1019K), 36 pages 
- Child Poverty in Manitoba: 1998 Report Card
- 1999 Manitoba Provincial Election Platform Paper
- An Integrated Community Approach to Health Action (spring 1998)
- Presentation to the Minimum Wage Review Board on Manitoba's Minimum Wage (summer 1998)

Youth for Social Justice - Atlantic Canada

World Socialist Website 

Go to the Canadian Social Research Organizations page for links to websites of Canadian think tanks and research organizations. 

There are many more links to Canadian NGOs scattered throughout this site.
Ontario NGOs and British Columbia NGOs (those are on separate pages)
For international NGOs, see the International NGO Links  - Human Rights Links - U.S. Links pages