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Economic Development & Commercial Research

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Welcome to our web site!

In order the Organisation to achieve its goals in terms of Commercial researches and Economic Development in which we decided to use by mobolizing the community assets to carry out and implement Our Project to build the HUT Community & Culture centre, Employment Project ADNET(EMPLOYERS:24/7) and program of Communication and informations namely The JOUYRNEY that combines

Newspaper, Web site, Radio and Television which is aimed to advance the methods of providing informations, building communication links in between the communities and enhancing service programs that we provide and deliver. 

People reading newspapers


Click the rotating Puzzle link to ADNET (EMPLOYERS:24/7)

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As the only community Media program of its kind in the greater Toronto area, and possibly Canada, it is seen as an important conduit for official news releases of both the diverse communities and the government agencies while retaining an independent editorial stance.  It provides in-depth coverage developments in the world, local and events of special interest to the Community as well as informations regarding the service programs that we provide and deliver.  We found and realized  the need for such a program and The Journey sought to establish for itself an important niche in Canadian mass media also plans was set in motion to improve on the program for the following year.


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       This project namely The HUT is in progress.