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Membership Application

Our Service Programs
Communication & Information
Atmospheric & Environmental Support
Employment Counseling
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Breaking The Cycle Of Violence
Settlement Services
Homeless Support Initiative
AIDS Prevention
Drug Abuse Prevention
Healthcare/Mental Health Assesment (Support Initiative)
Legal Matters
Economic Development & Commercial Research
Arts and Culture
Sports & Recreations
Getting Involved
Members Page

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Membership Classification

                 Membership Classification


1. Student Membership (Voting rights)  $ 20


2. General Membership (Voting rights) $ 25.00


3.Charter Membership (Voting rights) $ 30


Payment due: Registration Fee $ 20 for one year.

Note: Membership in the Organization can mean different thing to different people.  To some, it is strictly a financial commitment in the form of  a membership.  To others, it is a conbination of financial contribution and active participation in the association.  How active you wish to become is entirely up to you.  You will be kept informed of all activities and participation is purely voluntry.