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Our Service Programs
Communication & Information
Atmospheric & Environmental Support
Employment Counseling
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Breaking The Cycle Of Violence
Settlement Services
Homeless Support Initiative
AIDS Prevention
Drug Abuse Prevention
Healthcare/Mental Health Assesment (Support Initiative)
Legal Matters
Economic Development & Commercial Research
Arts and Culture
Sports & Recreations
Getting Involved
Members Page



1.     Construction of healthy, strong and functioning community/society that stands firm.

2.     Guidance with the facts to the right path and have one direction.

3.     Promotion of one strong voice for the common interest of the community.

4.     Creation of jobs for the community youth and adults.

5.     Mobilize the resources within the framework.

6.     Activity development task.

7.     Effective charter in establishing strong partnership and friendship with other communities.

8.     Corporation and integration of project implementation strategy in order to tackle and challenge institutional change with the issues that face the community both present and future conditions and circumstances.

9.     Restoration, enhancement and promotion of our heritage, culture and traditions.

10.     Socio-economic development and growth.

11. Creation of joint business within the community.

12.   Promotion and development of researches in science and technology.

13.   Training workshops for community members and participants.

14.   Providing and delivery of most needed services for community members.

15.   Promotions of the best quality care for the children.

16.   Leadership training for both youth and adults.

17.   Advocacy and assessment of legal matters.

18.   Promotion of programs to combat illiteracy in providing tools to join employment market.

19.  Assessment and support for the families to become financially secure.

20.   Support and investment of community small businesses.

21.   Reformation and modification of the community structure.

22.   Constructing decent and affordable housing.

23.   Counseling and assistance in education institutions.

24.  Community action strategy to handle emergency matters.

25. Freedom of member’s to vote for any delegate and elect candidate.