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Our Service Programs
Communication & Information
Atmospheric & Environmental Support
Employment Counseling
Breaking the Cycle of Poverty
Breaking The Cycle Of Violence
Settlement Services
Homeless Support Initiative
AIDS Prevention
Drug Abuse Prevention
Healthcare/Mental Health Assesment (Support Initiative)
Legal Matters
Economic Development & Commercial Research
Arts and Culture
Sports & Recreations
Getting Involved
Members Page

The following amendments to our constitution have been proposed by members according to the By-Law:


1.  Article 1 (a): pay annual membership fee which due on May 10 every year and $ 20 registration fee every year in order to cover the operating  and support costs.

2.  Article 1 (b): fee payments should be up to date.

3.  Article 2 (a): that the Board should be only ten (10) members at present time for the Organization to be manageable and working.

4.  Article 2 (b): the other two (2) remaining directors will be elected at the next annual meeting (AGM).

5.  Article 3 (a): voting shall be by a process determined by each and every person at the meeting to elect Board member.

6.  Article 3 (b): each member should nominate one (1) candidate for office.  A candidate is elected by securing the majority of the votes cast.

7.  Article 4 (a): any Board member who misses Four (4) consecutive meetings without a good reason will be asked to vacate the Board and be replaced.

8.  Article 4 (b): any Board member who becomes unable to fulfill his/her responsibilities shall be required to vacate the Board.

Article 5 (a): This Organization is open for any individual who wants to join.