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COMMON SENSE (Election Campaign)

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I have spent more than 20 years as a community social activist. I decided to run because I care deeply about the quality of life that we are passing on to future generations, I believe very strongly in that nation is a nation when it fully represents and protects its own Citizens any where in the world.  Now “Thankfully, hundreds of thousands of Djibouti Citizens recognized the only way to ever get a government that you really want is to vote for what you believe in. 


Further, In order to compete and deal with the 21st century modern society economy that requires strong leadership and better management, my administration will make Tax reform and investments that is good for the economy, I will make the innovations needed and the revitalization projects that would promote new businesses which will produce all kinds of opportunities, I will create Jobs, protect the workers and communities, I will improve safety and security, improve the healthcare, improve the education, improve the environment, lower the costs and the prices specifically for electricity, proper waste management and to create sustainable economy for the next generation. I will restore the Charter of Rights and Freedom, and our country reputation regarding the gross violation of Human Rights (rest of the information is available in the platform (The Brown Book).


On April 8, I'm going to ask for your vote.  Why should you vote for me? Because I believe most people are ready for a Change and I want to make a difference. 


It is Common sense prospective people to share economic prosperity. 

I am not a career politician, and I have little interest in engaging in politics as it has come to be known in present day Republic of Djibouti which, since the Independence the same political party members by using different names, formality of fake and bogus opposition political parties have taken turns leading. There is no accountability, transparency and the decision-making process is not accessible to the public, as well as financial records and expense reports, and fiscal irresponsibility bordering on the absurd.. The concept of government in this country is now defined by corruption; abuse of power.  The result of this degradation of democracy is the reason why that we end up a society that suffers, in despair, abused by poverty and live in misery.  The current incumbent and his staff absconded with the public funds.  Fundamentally, all that is wrong with politics never changes in which I oppose the conditional $30,000 US deposit for election Registration so that every Citizen can run for election as a Presidential Candidate.  In fact, you Djibouti Citizens have the power to change the political landscape of our beloved country (It is not always dollars and cents but common sense).


It is Common Sense to stand up for Democracy, Freedom and Justice. This election has become a fight for the future of our people and our country, and to give a chance to the other citizens who are loyal, honest and want to serve their beloved nation.

I believe in building and development and can't wait for a chance to be your builder. 


          Make a real change for the better and be a part of history. 

                              Vote Hassan Kayad … Pass it on.

 “What ever you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important to do it” - Ghandi


"The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation."- Einstein